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Lending Products


Land Finance

Land banking – Internally funded loans over $2m

From 5.5% pa below 60% LVR higher LVR quoted case by case basis, quoted risk-weighted & interest prepaid.

Urgent Short term Asset Finance

Internally funded

Quoted on a case-by-case basis. Settled within 3-5 business days if all information is provided. Loans below 60% of Valuations we do not require a current valuation.


Construction Finance

$1m – $50m (Construct QS/Cost to complete basis)

– Construct 1 – Loan Amount $2.0m – $3.0m (Direct internal partner funding)

  • Interest Rate 5.0% per annum FDA at settlement and paid as per 7 stages

– Construct 2 – Loan Amount $3m – $50m (Direct internal partnered funding)

  • Interest Rate 6.5% per annum FDA at settlement and paid as per QS

– Construct 3 – Loans $15m – $50m (External Funding) Lower costs on a higher amount

  • Interest Rate range 6.0% per annum FDA risk-weighted quoted case by case

All loans attract loan approval/establishment, loan management fees, and Underwriting costs quoted on a case by case basis.

Stand - By- Facility

Unique to ACMF, all of our loans have this facility at no extra setup charge. This is not available outside an ACMF Facility & is available 2% per month, minimum 2 months.

Property Finance

Basic Terms

Loan to Valuation Ratios (“LVR”) at 70% or higher require additional security. All construction loans are based on excluding GST. GST is receivable from the ATO each month by the borrower.

Application Forms

Please see below our construction, refinance & bridging loan application forms to fill out and submit to us.