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Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS of a Loan Offer, Loan Proposal, Finance Offer or Loan Offer

ACMF Capital Pty Ltd, 68 Project Finance Pty Ltd,, ACM Fund Management Pty Ltd and or their related companies of hereon end referred to as “ACMF” in this document and or;  

A specialist Mortgage Lender providing funding upon which “ACMF” has made a business arrangement to provide finance (in any combination) or has a specified business relationship to provide finance and or provides capital loss underwriting and or co invests to make up a facility to the borrowers required loan amount or; 

Private Investor company providing finance (“the investor”) upon which “ACMF” has made a business arrangement to provide finance or has a specified business relationship to provide finance typically in conjunction with “the investor” nominated law firm and or; 

Investment Group such as a local or international investment house;

These terms and conditions apply to:

1) “ACMF” its associated companies, the investor(s) of a Loan Facility (proposed, settled or otherwise) and the investor(s), the Lender(s) Lawyer(s) representing any Lender(s) and or investor(s) proposing to become a Lender(a), or is a Lender(s) in a existing facility(s) already advanced, and or associated party(s) of the Lender(s) and or as detailed in this document;

2) The proposed Borrower(s) (or Borrower(s) if settled), the Guarantor(s) and any associated party(s) to the borrower (s) in relation to a proposed or settled Loan(s);


Income Declaration: Typically this is not required, as all our loans are typically have capitalised interest such as a bridging loan or construction loan reliant upon the eventual sale of the completed products or for example a proposed sale or refinance;

Settlement to take place no later than 60 days from the date of the Loan being offered made unless an extension in writing is advised from the Lender(s) and or their Lawyer(s) or “ACMF” for example delays in receiving a Valuation and out of the control of the parties.

After valuation and the loan offer is revised in accordance with the valuation and quoted LVR is not returned accepted within 5 business days, 50% of all loan fees quoted become due and payable within 14 days;

Interest will be charged from the date of funds are allocated into trust being within 5 business days after receipt of the revised Loan offer reflecting the valuation information. 

Execution of all Facility Agreement(s) and Guarantee(s) and any other such Loan related documentation as deemed by the instructing Lender(s) Lawyers. These include revised loan offers after all reports have been received and numerical calculations adjusted. If the Loan related documents are not returned correctly executed to our lawyers within 5 business days, unless extended for practical reasons, the lender/”ACMF” has the right to cancel the loan and claim 50% of all quoted loan fees and costs;

Execution of the Security Documents as presented or deemed necessary by the instructing Lenders Lawyers;

The borrower(s) and Guarantor(s) are to receive independent legal and financial advice (“client advisors”) and to provide to “ACMF” a Certificates from each of those advisors;

The the loan repayment method must be found to be satisfactory and acceptable to the lender(s) or “ACMF” for example if to be later sold, evidence o fmarketing material and or selling agncy agreement and the like;

The Directors of the Borrowing Company to provide personal guarantees both in their names and in their Capacity as Director(s) of the borrowing company(s) unless clearly stated otherwise.

The guarantors are to provide evidence to substantiate the balance sheet information provided to the lender(s) and ACMF and include a date and signature to their net Real Estate Asset position .

Loan Management and reporting fee, quoted case by case starts at 0.1% to a maximim of 0.2% per month of the total loan amount(s) service fee (plus GST) normally payable upon loan repayment or 12 months (the earlier of). This covers the lenders loan management and may include such items as onsite inspections, meetings, development site, general project monitoring and reporting back to the ultimate financier(s) in a debt mix.

Limited Loss Underwriting, ACMF and / or its associated companies may underwrite a limited portion of the loan on a case by case basis (for example 5%-10% of the gross Loan Offer). This may extend to a limited guarantee position to enable a Mortgage Fund or Investor to make the loan available and is limited to the original gross loan offered. The fee is either as quoted or 0.5% of the gross loan amount if repaid on or before the end of the “first term” and if repaid after the first term, a minimum fee of 1.25% of the gross loan amount is due and payable;

At any time prior to the Loan amount being provided or proposed to be provided by the Lender(s) (that is the proposed Mortgagee) pursuant to the Loan Proposal or Letter of Offer of Facility Agreement and or Guarantee to be executed (or if executed), should any negative circumstances change in the opinion of the Lender (Mortgagee) and or their Legal representative(s), in relation to any subject within the Letter of Offer for finance or otherwise, the Lender(s) (Mortgagee) is entitled not to proceed with making the loan available the Loan Amount available to or on behalf of the Borrower and its obligations as Lender (Mortgagee) pursuant to the Letter if Offer and or the Facility Agreement(s) and Guarantee(s), will be at an end, with no recourse available to the Borrower or vary any respect of the terms of the Letter of Offer or Facility Agreement(s) and Guarantee(s). All specified costs as agreed shall be due and payable within 14 day unless stated otherwise.

If the loan offered is issued OUTSIDE that is higher than the quoted interest rate and Loan Approval or Establishment fee quoted and NOT accepted by the proposed borrower, then NO LOAN FEES are payable. Costs as invoiced by third party such as legal, Valuation and the like are always payable however within 14 days.

Reason why a loan facility may be cancelled with 50% of all fees due include (but not limited to):

a) Fabricated information and or deemed to be potentially falsified, fabricated due to lack of supporting evidence (an example such as Power of Attorney not able to provide all the original documentation and verifiable documentation by the witnessed signatories for example), false or dubious pre sale(s) in the opinion of the lender(s) lawyers, related party items undisclosed at the time of application;

b) Misleading and or unrealistic valuation(s) expectation(s) upon application made to “ACMF” upon which “ACMF” based its loan offer on then unable to proceed due to overstated valuations. 

c) Additional debt as advised in the loan application has been understated and or omitted altogether. 

d) Construction Cost analysis is incorrect and or understated by greater than 5%;

e) Security(s) as advised that are available for security purposes, are not fully owned and or controlled by the applicant and in the opinion of the lender(s) legal advisors unable to secure the lender(s) interest (an example is a Unit Trust not controlled by the applicant, or joint ownership in a property and unable to gain satisfactory consent to the loan);

f) The loan is not a business loan but for personal purposes(s) even though was borrowed in a company name.

g) The term to settle offered has expired or the Term quoted upon which it was to be settled or upon which the Term to have all items returned to the lender or “ACMF”, no matter whose fault.


Any monies due, including costs and fees quoted (such items as Valuation or any other reports, legal and documentation preparation costs, agreed fees, finance costs and the like), the borrower(s) and or guarantor(s) upon signing this Loan Proposal, hereby charge to the Lender (and/or “ACMF”) by way of fixed charge over any real estate in which that person has an interest in now or in the future with the due payment of all monies, costs and fees that are payable to the Lender (or any such service provider for example a Valuation Firm, mortgage document costs, agreed fees) and in the event monies due and payable are not paid as invoiced, grant a charge over any property over unpaid, fees costs or invoice(s) for any service provided directly related to the proposed or settled loan(s) facility(s).

Overdue accounts, will be charged interest on overdue accounts unless paid on time or if extended by mutual consent all accounts must be paid within the terms the final loan offer. If fees are paid later than this period, a charge shall apply and equivalent on a monthly basis at the rate the prevailing second mortgage rate at that time (or if no rate is quoted, the interest rate shall be 2% per month for the number of months (or part thereof) calculated from either the settlement date or invoice date due onwards that remain unpaid.

Any amount owed to any “ACMF” company be it third party services provided (legal costs, valuation and the like) or loan fees payable as described above OR monies advanced at settlement or monies owed but not paid at settlement, the borrowers and any other party signing the letter if offer, with the exception of “ACMF” you hereby charge to ACMF Capital Pty Ltd (or its nominated company) by way of a fixed charge over any real property in which that person has an interest in or in the future with the due monies, costs and fees that are payable to ACMF Capital Pty Ltd (or any “ACMF” entity) by virtue of the letter of offer or otherwise as agreed such as Loan Term issued and accepted OR Indicative Terms issues and accepted OR to its assigned nominated party. Those parties authorise ACMF Capital Pty Ltd or its legal representative to lodge a caveat over the real property to protect its security interest crated by this clause in favour of ACMF Capital Pty Ltd.


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