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Bridging & Short Term Finance

FAST BRIDGING Finance to $15m, settled within 5 Business days*

We deliver when banks can't

Classic borrower scenario: The applicant has secured a great acquisition on a short settlement, and the proposed short-term bridging loan will be repaid, by selling another property.
The bank has issued an Indicative Offer and the broker has let you down probably by the bank and you have days to settle or lose your deposit and future development profits. Fortunately, many times, the broker thinks of us.



We issue Loan Offers backed by our investment/lending partners;


Minimum Loan Terms is 3 months, all offers allow 12-month term with a minimum 1 months notice to repay;


Credit issues accepted (brief explanation required and settled);


ACMF is a part of the credit team;

*Please note: Loans are only available to companies for business purposes only. Fees, charges & underwriting costs apply to all lending. Urgent settlements in a few days typically have existing valuations, adequate security and repayment details to satisfy ACMF’s investor & credit team.


Valuations - Urgent Short Term Finance

Many times we are reliant upon older valuations due to time constraints to allow us to settle in 2 – 4 business days, the LVR must be at 60% or lower stand-alone (higher LVR with additional properties & other assessments), along with a defined repayment plan otherwise new valuations are required. The biggest reason why a loan does not proceed is due to valuations. Seek local knowledge and get written advice from sales agents. This saves a lot of possible disappointment.

Funding Availability

Asset lending based on asset values, product demand, borrowers business and repayment plans. When Loan Offers are issued, they have a cut-off time frame for acceptance. If for whatever reason we are unable to proceed, we shall advise immediately with no further costs to the applicant.


What is a bridging loan? 

A bridging loan or short term finance is a short term loan which ‘bridges” the gap between the money needed now until a event takes place to repay the loan either by settling a property or refinancing a loan. This bridging loan sits over and above the existing loan. Generally the loan period is between 3 to 12 months. 

Application Forms

Please see below our construction, refinance & bridging loan application forms to fill out and submit to us.