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Commercial Finance

Low Doc Short to Medium Term Financing

We offer simple applications and competitive rates. We help borrowers navigate when they need an urgent loan or additional capital to finish a project. Our interest rates reflect the LVR risk profile as well as the term of the loan.

Property Finance

First and Second Mortgage Loan

1st Mortgages 9% – 11% per annum for 1-2 year loan terms.

2nd Mortgages between 17.5% – 20% per annum. Only available for our own debt structure. These are assessed on case by case basis.

SHORTFALL – If a small shortfall does exist, ACMF can make up the balance required by internal arrangements. Please Note: This is restricted to our first mortgage procurement only. We do not offer top-up funding for other loans outside ACMF facilities.

All loan offers have funds made available if accepted and settled within the time frames as quoted in the loan offer, unless stated otherwise.

Lending is based on straight real estate asset values, development product demand & borrowers’ repayment plan (eg. sale or refinance).

Loan Offers made and mortgage documents reflect the same. Loan fees apply, please refer to our terms and conditions in the loan offer. If circumstances change and unable to issue at the same interest rate offered and you do not want to proceed no further costs apply.

If Due Diligence uncovers irregularities and the project becomes unsuitable for lending, we will provide the answer promptly.


Application Forms

Please see below our construction, refinance & bridging loan application forms to fill out and submit to us.