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Investment Opportunities

Are you a sophisticated investor seeking a passive income?

All investment products are backed by quality Australian real estate. Each are assessed by an experienced valuation firm, with over $1bn per annum of incoming deal flow, this volume allows ACMFinance to select only suitably qualified mortgage and equity investments.

Current rate of investment returns paid on investments:
8% pa first mortgage security limited to 68% LVR.
12.5% pa second mortgage security limited to 72% LVR.
Minimum Investment $200,000 to maximum of $10,000,000. Investors need to meet the minimum requirements by ASIC referred to as Wholesale, Professional or Sophisticated Investor or invest a minimum investment of $500,000.

No investor has lost capital in 20 years of business. We welcome a meeting with you and your advisors.
All Investments operate under an AFSL with strict internal procedures and stress testing to withstand reasonable worsening economic conditions.

Direct Mortgage Ownership

We offer the ability to invest directly into a mortgage with your name on title.

All work is done in conjunction with you and our lawyers (or yours) and your funds are handled by our independent investment trust account. The trust statements then serves for your reconciliation, tax and accounting records.

Property fund

Our property fund is 100% backed by registered mortgages on Australian real estate security. All funds are transacted via our nominated Law Firm and provide quarterly reports and audits. For more head to
Please note: equity investments do not pay monthly interest.

Equity Fund

These are investments into property development projects and are secured on title.

Earn between 16% - 28% pa on equity investments. The investors are fully repaid when the project is completed, sold, and/or refinanced and only then is the Investment Manager paid. The trust account serves as your trust statement for accountability and tax purposes, please refer to for more details.