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Property Development and Construction Funding from $2m - $100m.


Construction Loans

At ACMF we specialise in Property Development & Construction Lending by creating tailored solutions for our clients.

First Mortgage – 6%+ pa fully drawn on a 1-year project.

Second Mortgages to make up the balance of capital in our debt structure. Typical rates are 15.5% – 18.5% pa range limited to 68%-72%. Higher LVR requires additional security and/or ACMF provided guarantees and underwriting commitments.

Equity investments – Property Development requiring up to $2m additional equity. Larger on a case by case basis.

Nil pre-sale if the debt is below 65% LVR with strong property demand assessed on the area for the product type.

Our loan limit without pre-sale is $20m, Larger on a case by case basis.

What is our point of Difference?

We are asset-based lenders, not cash flow lenders. Banks rely on cash flow, serviceability & pre-sales to cover their debt via serviceability. We rely on the underlying asset values being created, the skills of the project team, the ability to sell down when completed and the overall profitability. We assess investor reporting, onsite visits, review product demand being developed.

A profitable project having steady demand, designed for the market, always has a funding solution.

It’s pointless having the cheapest rate with strict requirements or not enough capital to meet the construction budget. We have strong relationships with our investors, partners and our own funds which allows us to combine our funds to provide a complete finance package. This is why we have succeeded in funding difficult loans.

Loan Offers are issued with the funds procured in anticipation.

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